Monday, December 5, 2016

2nd Grade Christmas Program

School Wide Election Day!

Last month, our school held an Election Day just like the real one! (Ours was also November 8th, I'm sorry I'm so far behind!) The week before, the kids watched a couple of animated stories about elections. They watched Duck for President and Grace for President. We talked about what an election is, how your vote is a personal decision that you have, how to be respectful of others if  you talk about who you vote for, and the voting process. Each student filled out a voter registration application and a voter registration card the Monday before our election. We talked about how when you vote as an adult, you have to be registered to vote. We also talked about what the ballot was going to look like so they would be familiar with it.

Pre-K voted on their favorite snack from snack day (pickles, popcorn, pixy stix and Hi-C), Kindergarten voted on who they wanted to win the Duck and Grace election (from the 2 books we watched) and 1st and 2nd Grade voted on the National Presidential Election.

After Voting, everyone received an "I Voted Today!" sticker!

Tuesday, the kid brought their registration cards into the hallway and lined up to get their ballots. They took their ballots to a voting booth, colored in their vote, and placed it in their grade level's ballot box!

During the school day, 2nd grade students made the announcement for who the winners of each grade level's election was.

Engineering ... 2D Shape!

I've gotten WAY behind with uploading pictures, so I'm going to try my VERY BEST to get 3 posts up this week! A few weeks ago, like in November, Kindergarten did an engineering project where they made different 2D shapes! They used popsicle sticks, toothpicks and marshmallows to make their shapes. They weren't told how to get them put together, just that they needed to use sticks, marshmallows, and be able to hold it up in the air without it falling apart. They did a pretty good job!