Wednesday, October 28, 2015


Last week in social studies we talked about families and family needs. We started off the week by getting in pairs and talking about our families and who we have in our families. After our partner discussions, we made a graph that showed who everyone has in their families. We compared our families with each other to see if they were alike or different.

Our second day, we drew pictures of our families and what they look like. Our third day, the kids drew their family trees with parents and siblings if they had them.

 On our last day of families, we drew pictures of our parents/grandparents working and why they need to work. We also drew pictures of us working.

Sorting by properties

A  couple of weeks ago, the kids practiced sorting objects by properties. They sorted different objects by size, shape, color, and type.

Tuesday, October 27, 2015


Over the past couple of weeks in math the kids have been building word problems, showing more and less with pocket charts, comparing amounts with community helpers, showing greater and less than with PacMan and Mrs. PacMan, matching numbers with dominoes, making numbers on twenty frame mats and practicing writing their numbers.


Over the past couple of weeks, the kids have finished their alphabet! The read and circles words in their pre-decodables, made letter crafts, did their letter books (where they trace and read words in sentences, trace and write their capital and lowercase letters, and draw a picture of something that starts with the letters of their book for that day), made letter crafts, practiced their handwriting and played ABC Mouse and Istation on the iPads. They also colored football players and cheerleaders for our Drug Awareness poster for Red Ribbon Week.