Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Reading Buddies!

A big thank you to Mrs. Brown's class for coming and reading with us Thursday, December 18th! The kids paired up and got into groups and read to each other! It was really cool to see everyone so excited about reading to one another. The all did great! Hopefully when school starts back, we will be able to get together once a week and get some reading time in with Mrs. Brown and Mrs. Wallace's classes and any other classes that may have time and want to read with us!

Monday, December 23, 2013

Santa's Village and our Christmas Party!

The last week of school was a super busy one! Wednesday, we had Santa's Village in the afternoon where the kids got to go from class to class and do different activities. Friday was our class Christmas party where the kids exchanged gifts, wrote thank notes to the person they received a gift from and had some yummy treats!

In Mrs. Nix's room the kids got to play bells!

 In Mrs. Lowe's room the kids got to make Christmas trees using ice cream cones and icing!

In Mrs. Ambriz's room, the kids got to make different Christmas crafts!

 In Mrs. Sturdivant's room the kids got to make beaded candy canes!

In Mrs. Morrissey's room the kids got to take their picture with Santa!

In Mrs. Toscano's room, the kids got to watch a movie and drink hot chocolate!

At our Christmas Party the kids ate some yummy treats parents brought. Before the party, they had their gift exchange, wrote thank you notes and stuffed their bags with candy and the ornaments they made throughout the past couple weeks.

After the our party, Mrs. Puckett and her daughter (who was in my class last year) came by and played some Christmas songs for us and Mrs. Toscano's class. Thank you guys! It was great!

 This semester has flown by! I can't believe it's almost 2014. Thank you so much for being so involved in your child's life. It's great to see parents who are so enthusiastic and willing to help. I'm blessed to have a great class like this one! Enjoy the winter break and see y'all next year! :)