Friday, December 6, 2013

This week's lab ... SOIL!

This week in science, we talked about soil. Wednesday, the kids sorted different pictures by what needs soil and what does not need soil. Thursday we did a lab comparing three different types of soil (loam soil, clay soil and sandy soil).

The first thing they did was use their different senses to observe the different soils (except their sense of taste of course!)


 After they investigated the different soils, they took a little of each and taped them down in their science journals, then wrote about the color, size and texture of each soil.

 Once we finished our lab, we tested to see which soil would absorb the most water. We put panty hose over a container and placed one type of soil in each one. Then, we poured water over the soil and waited about 30 minutes for extra water to fall to the bottom of the cup.