Friday, November 28, 2014

6 Quick Days!

Since we had an abnormal week getting ready for our Thanksgiving celebration and a short week with 2 days of school, I just going to combine those 2 "weeks" together into one post!

Writing the beginning sounds of the pictures

Matching lowercase letters to their capitals

writing about Thanksgiving traditions

He matched all the letters! Now to make some words with those letters on the back!

Practicing writing our numbers

 We did a 100s chart hidden picture ... they worked quickly to see who could finish it first and find the hidden picture! It was a pilgrim's hat!

Writing how to cook a turkey
Monday, I brought a snack that I shared with the class ... it was goat cheese and crackers.

Can you tell how some of them felt about it? 

One of the best reactions! :)

Coloring the picture by letters

We had a surprise visitor show up on Tuesday morning!
 Later that morning, we did an art project making Native American boys and girls!

Coloring the turkey by number

They turned out so cute!

Sight word turkeys!

Coloring the turkey by sight words!