Friday, January 29, 2016

Introducing ... Sneaky E!

This week in reading and writing, we focused a lot on Sneaky E! We talked about sneaky e toward the end of last week and spent this week practicing what happens to different vowels when sneaky e is added to different CVC words. We practiced spelling and played spell ball on Imagine Learning every morning with different vowels each day to help us remember what sneaky e does.


Throughout the week, the kids also read words and drew pictures of those words, sorted objects, build words with magnetic letters, read words and matched them to their pictures, matched rhyming pictures, matched compound words, found sneaky e words, made compound word penguins,  practiced building words with "gumballs", made words with word family spoons and wrote about different things.



George Washington

This week in social studies we talked about George Washington, the father of our country.

Monday we watched a BrainPOP on George Washington.

Tuesday, we started our book about George Washington and finished it Wednesday.

Wednesday, we did a directed drawing of George Washington. The kids made some really cool pictures!

Friday, we colored a George Washington mystery picture using the numbers 5, 6, 7, and 8.