Sunday, January 17, 2016

Beach/Pirate Day!

This past Friday was Beach Day in kindergarten, but we turned it more into a beach/pirate day in our room since it's January and really cold! The kids did different beach/pirate themed stations through out the day and had a beach/pirate snack while watching Finding Nemo at the end of the day.

The first thing we did in the morning was make our blue jello cups for part of our snack we would have in the afternoon. Then, we started in on stations. The kids used their pirate telescopes to find words in a write the room, dug for buried treasure letters to practice spelling CVC words, hung out in the pool while doing a word search, went fishing for numbers in our water table, and did a beach picture roll and color.

After we came back from lunch and finished our last couple of stations, we cracked open our coconuts! The kids got to see what the coconuts looked like on the inside, drink the coconut water after we cracked them, and try pieces of coconut in their snack while they watched their movie.

After our coconut fun, the kids started watching Finding Nemo while I finished cutting up and assembling their movie snack. On the menu was an orange pirate ship in a jello ocean, a banana and apple palm tree with coconut in it, cheerio sand and a treasure chest full of fish and chips!

Happy Beach/Pirate Day!