Sunday, October 26, 2014

Math, Letters and Maps!

With me being gone Monday and out of the room almost all of the day Thursday, it was a little hard for me to take pictures of stations this week. I got a few, though!

Tracing, writing, and representing numbers in their counting book in math.

Sometimes, you just have to dance in the middle of working :)

Coloring and counting shapes, then graphing them in a math station.

Using linking cubes to make towers and compare them with friend's towers.

Doing their letter Yy book in reading and writing on Tuesday

Using yarn to paint a yellow letter Y in reading and writing on Tuesday

Making their maps of Muleshoe in social studies

Heating and Cooling Objects

This week in science we talked about how some objects can change when we add heat to them or cool them down. We talked about the different places heat can come from and used a crayon to see the changes heat had on it.

Monday, the kids watched a BrainPOP on heat with the substitute.

Tuesday, we put a crayon on a paper plate, then use the heat from a hair dryer to make the crayon melt.

Wednesday, we used our Kindergarten kitchen cart and I showed them what would happen if I put a crayon in the toaster oven and used the heat from that. We talked about other places heat comes from while we were waiting on our crayon.

Thursday, the kids did a page in their science journals with the substitute. They had to come up with 3 different places heat comes from, write the word, the draw the picture.

Friday, I let the kids pick 3 different colored crayons they wanted to melt into a round crayon. Their first step was to peel the paper off of their crayons.

Once they did that, we put their crayons into foil inside of our muffin tin.

The we put the crayon filled muffin tin inside of the toaster oven that had already been heating up.

After a few minutes, the crayons had melted and the colors ran together.

We looked at how the solid crayons melted into a liquid after the heat had been added to them.

Everyone got to take home some pretty cool multi-colored round crayons to color with! Isn't science AWESOME! :)

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Another Short Week!

This past week was a short one for us! We had a holiday on Monday and Kidsville on Friday. With it being such a short week and me taking grades at my table in math, I didn't get to go around to other tables as much as I would have liked. 

Thursday, the kids made watermelon W's, played our /w/ matching game, drew and wrote about things that start with the letter w, and did their Ww books. Mrs. Nix even let us snack on some of the extra watermelon she had in her room that day. Thanks Mrs. Nix! :)

Mmm ... watermelon

Look at those awesome Ww's!

In math last week, the kids completed shapes by drawing the half of the shape that was not showing; matched circles, triangles and rectangles the their correct spots; practices more or less with dice and their friends; and at my table we counted dots in ten frames up to 20 and wrote the numbers.

Finishing the other side of his shapes

We had some good music on that day that he was singing his heart out to! :)

Sorting circles, triangles and rectangles

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Our Field Trip!

Friday we took our local field trip to Leal's Tortilla Factory and the Heritage Center! Since it was starting to get cold outside, we went back to the school to eat. Our class and the class we were paired with decided they wanted to eat outside ... so we did! We went in between 2 building so the wind wouldn't get us too bad and had ourselves a little picnic! :)

Since we were in a big group and there are kids from other classes in our pictures, I am still going through some pictures and editing them. Hopefully I will be done by the middle of the week. But there are some great ones up now!

At the Tortilla Factory, we got to see how they make the tortillas! We got to walk back and see the dough being flattened and cut into circles and the whole process it goes through before we eat it. Then ... WE GOT TO EAT TORTILLAS! That seems to always be one of the favorite parts. :)

On our way to the tortilla factory!
First they talked to us about the machines to make sure we would be careful.

Feeling the dough before it gets made into a tortilla!

This machine cuts the dough before cooking it

Cooked corn tortillas coming down the conveyor belt

Eating a buttered corn tortilla


We had a blast at the Tortilla Factory!

Thanks Leal's for letting us visit!

After the tortilla factory, we left to go to the Heritage Center and see different buildings from the past and how people lived in the past.

The fit an entire family in this one room!

An old piano with a ukelin (a cross between a ukulele and violin)

In the ranch house where the cowboys would come and eat

Sitting at desks in an old school house

Kids from 4 to 18 could all be in the same schoolhouse together!

We saw some pretty cool things at the Heritage Center.

A donut cutter from the 1920s

A potato masher from the 1920s

A hand mixer form the 1920s ... I for one and glad we have electricity now

A juicer form the 1920s

An apple peeler

One of the rooms had a gavel in it! We made our connection to Sonia Sotomayor.

These were both toasters from the 1930s.


Thank you for showing us around at the Heritage Center!