Sunday, October 5, 2014

More and Less

This week in math we tackled a few different things. With it being the last week of the six weeks, we did a lot of review. The kids did stations with greater and less than, making numbers in different ways and free choice from the math shelf.

Station 1: Using alligator mouth to eat up the greater numbers. The kids used the alligator mouths and the number strips to show which numbers were greater, less or equal by having the alligator mouth eat up the number that was bigger.

Station 2: Math Center Free Choice! This week, the kids got to choose whatever they wanted from our math shelf (as long as they had finished all of their other math work that was in their not finished folders).

Finding and making patterns in our Oscar the Grouch book
Playing with the linking cubes and geo boards

She made a really cool shape with her rubber bands.

Station 3: Building numbers in different ways. At their third station this week, the kids used our train linking cube mats and spinners to practice building numbers in different ways. They rolled the spinner and used 2 different colors to show all of the different combinations each numbers had. I think we might leave this one on the math shelf, the liked playing it so much!

 At my station this week, we went to the carpet and played our greater than/less than/more and less dice game ... I'm not really sure what to call it yet. 2 of the kids get a dice and roll them on the carpet. They come to the board and draw their circles for how many dots they had on their dice. The other 2 (or 1 depending on how many we had at school that day) kids write the number that shows how many dots there were underneath the circles. They decide which one is greater and draw their "alligator mouth", the we decide together how many more one has than the other. We draw circles next to the lesser amount to see if we are right or not. They are getting pretty good at this game!