Sunday, September 28, 2014

Letters J - M!

This week in reading and writing, the letters we focused on were letters J - M in small groups. Our sight words for this week are still is and the which we do the songs for after our alphabet and letter songs for that day. I have been handing the different colored markers we use to color-code our sentences to the kids and let them circle or underline what they are supposed to for each color then explain why they are circling or underlining the letter, word, sentence or punctuation in that color. They are doing AMAZING! I haven't had to correct anyone since last Thursday!

Monday, the kids' stations were making a letter J jellyfish, doing their letter J book, writing station where they drew pictures that start with the /j/ sound and trying to write the word the best they could (which is something new that we are starting daily this week) and practicing handwriting at my table.

They wrote about one of the kids in the class whose name starts with "J" and used our word wall to write their name.

Tuesday's stations were about the letter Kk. The kids colored a picture of a kangaroo with a kite by looking at letters that told them which color to color, did their letter Kk book and finished up work, painted kites and read a new decodable at my table.

Wednesday the kids worked on the letter Ll. They made letter L lamps, ladybugs (where they had to count the number of spots they put on their wings and write the number), their letter Ll books, draw a picture of something that starts with the letter l and try to write the word, and at my table, we played our letter Ll card matching game and practiced writing Ll's.

She found the second set of ladybugs ...
and he couldn't believe it!

Thursday I had to go to a meeting and was only in the room for 1 station so I didn't get a chance to take pictures. The kids did stations with the letter Mm and made paper plate monkeys, read a new decodable, did a letter Mm letter search, and their letter Mm book.

Friday was a review day for letters H - M and our homecoming! Some of the kids wore mums and garters to school and we painted faces like football players before our mini pep rally in the gym that morning! In the afternoon, the kids wrote about whatever they wanted and tried to spell the words the best they could, painted Muleshoes and finished up any work they had not finished from throughout the week. If they finished all of their work, they got to either read books in our library or play with anything on the writing center shelf.

Happy Homecoming!


Using our word wall to help spell words in writing binders

Happy Homecoming from 16 awesome kindergartners!