Sunday, September 14, 2014


This week in science we are looking at sorting different objects by categories. We are sorting by color, shape, size and discussing the texture of different objects.

Monday - Sorting by color. Monday, we sorted Fruit Loops by color and recorded it in our science journals. We sorted them into groups of red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple.


Tuesday - Sorting by shape. Tuesday, we sorted Chex Mix  by shape and recorded it in our science journals. We sorted them into groups of circles, squares, rectangles and ovals.

Wednesday - Sorting by size. Wednesday, we sorted shapes by the different sizes and recorded it in our science journals. The kids got triangles, squares, rhombuses and hexagons at their tables that were different sizes. They had a spot for big shapes and a spot for small shapes on their papers in their science journals to sorts their shapes into. Once they sorted them, they traced and colored them in their science journals to show which went where.

Thursday- Discussing texture. Thursday, the kids reached into feely bags and told me about what they felt. They described the texture of the different items in the bags and then guessed what they thought was inside each bag. There were some pretty entertaining faces and thoughts about what was inside each bag.

Bag 1: Pears ... which was hilarious to watch! A couple kids guessed that there was fruit in the bag but most of them were stumped!

Bag 2: Water soaked animal crackers. I know, that sounds disgusting, but it was a good texture to describe!


Bag 3: Cotton Balls. This was the funniest one to watch after having two bags that didn't feel the greatest. The kids were prepared for something slimy or wet or cold. Cotton balls was the last thing they thought was in the third bag!


Bag 4: Cereal. With 2 strange bags and 1 not so strange bag, they didn't know what was coming! They described it as hard, bumpy, rough and square but weren't sure if it was cereal or crackers.