Friday, September 5, 2014

This week in math ...

This week in math, we worked on numbers 1 through 5 again. The kids got to use linking cubes, play dough, dry erase markers and raccoon counters to practice their numbers in different ways.

Station 1: At their first station this week, the kids used raccoon counters to represent the number they read on their paper.

Station 2: Their second station this week was using the dry erase markers to practice tracing numbers and the words for their numbers. We were focusing on numbers 1 - 5, but if they got those down, I let them go on up to 20!

Station 3: At their third station for the week, the kids used play dough to make their numbers from 0 to 5. This took some skill, let me tell ya!

Station 4: At my table this week, we practiced working with linking cubes to build towers of 5 and take them apart in different ways. We showed the different ways we can make 5 by using 2 different colors of linking cubes.

At the end of math stations every day, we have one page of review that we do. They are doing awesome in their review books!