Friday, September 5, 2014

Reading and Writing Stations

Every afternoon, the kids have four different reading and writing stations that they rotate to and each day is different. By the end of the week, they have gone to 20 different stations! As soon as we get back in to the classroom from recess (and get our water and bathroom breaks out of the way) we start our alphabet song, and I let the kids pick a letter song they want to do until we start the alphabet. Then, we head over to the carpet for Buzz Book.

Buzz book is 2 sentences with different punctuation and the date, and a question that they answer either by writing it on our board or by talking with the people around them.

Tuesday's Buzz Book question was "How do you spell your name?" I let the kids go up to the board, as long as there was room, and write their names on the board. We talked about the importance of using a capital letter for the beginning of our names and lowercase letters for the rest of our names.


They have been doing a really good job finding all of our capital letters and different punctuation in our Buzz Book sentences.

Here are some other things the kids worked on this week.

The kids made pictures of their Grandparents for us to hang on our Grandparent's Day wall.

Cutting out letters and numbers to sort

Practicing tracing the alphabet

Practicing tracing straight, zig-zag and curvy lines

Finding the beginning of our second sentence

Finding the end of our second sentence

Finding a capital letter in one of our sentences

Finding a capital letter in one of our sentences

Matching rhyming words on our magnetic board

Cutting out letters and words to sort

Painting for our bookmarks!

Everyone worked so hard this week and are doing such an awesome job! I'm proud of you guys! :)