Sunday, September 21, 2014

Letters F - I

This week in Reading and Writing the letters we focused on were letters F through I.

Monday's stations were using bingo daubers to dot capital and lowercase Ff''s that revealed a secret hidden picture when they were finished, their letter Ff books, and sorting pictures that started with /f/ and pictures that did not start with /f/. My table was a one-on-one table because there were so many kids gone.

 Tuesday was our review day for letters A through F. We played a game on our big shelf with the letters A - F. I called each child up and gave them a word. They had to find what letter that word started with by listening to its sound and then write the letter for the beginning sound in the right column. They also had to determine if they were going to write a capital letter or a lowercase letter and tell me why before they wrote it. They did awesome!

Stations for Tuesday were using play dough and letter mats to make capital and lowercase letters A - f, coloring pictures that had beginning sounds matching the letter at the beginning of the row, making letter F flags (which went on our Hispanic History wall this week), and playing a picture sound matching game at my table.

Wednesday we learned about the letter Gg and the two sounds it makes. For each letter we have a letter poem we read before we begin stations. First, we look at the pictures for our letter poem of the day and predict what our poem may be about and some of the different things we see on the page. Then, we read the poem and find any rhyming words we may hear and I ask questions about what was just read. When we finish with that, the kids go up one at a time and show me whatever letter we are working on that day and tell me if it is capital or lowercase.

Stations for Wednesday were playing the letter g picture-sound matching game and reading our decodable at my table, making giraffes for soft g, making geese for hard g, and their letter g book.

Thursday, the kids did stations for letter H. At my table we played the letter H picture-sound matching game and practiced our handwriting on dry erase boards,. Their other stations were a letter Hh hidden picture color page, their letter H book and a roll and write game with the letter H. With the roll and write game, the kids had to roll the dice and write the letters Hh for whatever number they rolled. The person who finished first AND had the neatest handwriting won at each table.

Friday's stations were making a letter I iguana, finishing up any work they needed to do from throughout the week (and if they were finished they got to play in writing center or read a book with the animals in the library), and their letter Ii book. I pulled kids to my table from different groups to work on handwriting.