Tuesday, September 9, 2014

After Grandparent's Day

After Grandparent's Day last Friday, we came back to the room and played. Some of the kids played with legos, some played with the balances and magnets in science center, some painted and some played teacher (and I got to be the student ... they were AWESOME teachers!)

I wasn't sitting in my seat and listening like I was supposed to, so she was reminding me how to behave!

Playing with legos and seeing who had more linking cubes in their side of the balance

Playing with the magnets and play-doh

After we played for a little while, Mrs. Sturdivant's class came over and watched a movie with us. We watched The Land Before Time and talked about how Littlefoot's Grandparents were taking care of his because his dad was gone and his mother passed away. After our movie, I showed the kids some different science-y things. I can never pass up the chance for science!

First we used some of our leftover fruit from breakfast to paint with. We used 2 apples and 1 banana. We talked about the seeds inside and I showed the kids that if you cut an apple in half you can see a star in the middle of it. The banana was fun when we got to the seeds. The kids knew the banana had seeds, but weren't sure where the seeds were inside of it.

After we painted with fruit, I got the test tubes out for the kids (they have been dying to see what we use them for). We talked about our primary colors (red, yellow and blue) and I told them that if you mix the primary colors together, you get secondary colors ... then we mixed them!

What will happen when we mix red with yellow?
We held our mixture of yellow and red up to the light to see the color orange


There's no telling what was said, but we have a hilarious group of kids so it was funny!