Sunday, September 21, 2014

Story Problems and Counting

This week in math we are working on tracing our numbers from 6 - 10, graphing more than one quantity on our own, greater than and less than, and story problem where we add two numbers together. The kids' stations this week were ...

Stations 1: Rolling and graphing greater than/less than. At their first station, the kids rolled dice and built towers to match the number on the dice. After they built the towers, they recorded the towers on their papers. Then, they put a red circle around the tower that was greater and a blue circle around the tower that was less than.

Station 2: Graphing. The kids' second station this week was graphing how many boys and girls there were in our class on that day. They colored the boy column one color and the girl column another, then circle which one had the most.

Station 3: Practicing tracing and recognizing 6 - 10. At their third station this week, the kids are finishing up their Kissing Hand tracing book. After they finish tracing the numbers they have to find the group of Chesters that matches and color them in. We have been practicing tracing the past couple of weeks to get ready for writing them on our own in our Apple Counting books next week.

Station 4: Story Problems. At my table this week, we are using different mats to show story problems. We do 3 story problems together, then I let the kids make up their own story problem to share with the table. The three choices for stories were the ocean and ocean animals, trees with owls and birds, or a plate with cookies and cupcakes. Every group has chosen the ocean! We did the trees for fun at the end of one group because we had some time left, but they really like the ocean and ocean animals!