Sunday, September 14, 2014

Math - Comparing numbers

This week in math, we are talking about comparing numbers. We have 4 stations a week in math that the kids rotate to so on Monday, we review what we learned the week before and talk about our new topic for this week. 

Monday - We watched a BrainPOP on comparing numbers. After our BrainPOP, the kids got in groups of 2 - 3 and made linking cube towers. After they made their towers, I walked around and asked them to compare them for me using the words less than, greater than and equal to that we had just talked about in our BrainPOP.

Watching our BrainPOP on comparing numbers

Comparing their towers to each other

Counting the cubes in their towers to compare the numbers

Their towers were equal!

Tuesday we started our stations for the week that we continued on through Friday. This week, the kids practiced tracing, writing and matching numbers 1 - 5, practiced counting the dots on dice and coloring the corresponding numbers, matching raccoons to numbers 6 - 10 and comparing towers that we built after rolling dice and counting the numbers on the dice.

Station 1: Tracing, writing and matching numbers 1-5. The kids got their own pack of papers with numbers 1-10. This week, they are only doing numbers 1-5 and next week we will tackle numbers 6-10. They traced the number, colored the raccoons next to the number, traced 2 rows of numbers, then found the picture that matched the number they were working on.

This is what the page for the number 3 looked like

Station 2: Rolling dice and coloring numbers to match the dice. The kids got to pick between a school bus coloring page and a school house coloring page. They each got their own dice and rolled it on the table. They counted the dots on the side facing up and colored the number that matched the number of dots on their dice. When they finished all of their numbers, they got to color their school bus or school house.

Coloring his number 6 after finding the matching number

Coloring his number 1 after finding the matching number

Station 3: Matching raccoons to numbers 6 - 10. At their third station this week, the kids matched raccoons to numbers 6 - 10, just like they had done for numbers 1 through 5.

Teacher Table: Rolling dice to build towers and compare the towers. We rolled two dice and built towers to match the number that was rolled on the dice. Once the towers were built, we colored in our paper to show what our towers looked like. Then, we discussed which one was greater than the other and which one was less than the other.