Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Day 2, Take 2!

Well today I got somewhat back on track ... I actually remembered to put the kids Kissing Hand cards in their folders today! :)

We also got to finish our getting to know you balloon pop game this morning! I think the best part is watching everyone prepare for the loud pop of the balloon. Today some of the kids got ambitious and tried to stomp or sit on the balloon to pop it ... We might have to play this again one day with other questions :)

Between this game and eating lunch in different spots in the cafeteria with the kids this week, I've learned some pretty interesting things. There was a pretty good argument for why a freezing super power is better than being able to control the weather so I may have to change my favorite super hero soon.

Monday, August 25, 2014

The First Day of School!

Our first day of school went by so fast! We sang songs, got up and danced, explored different things in our room, drew pictures, painted and played a couple games. 

One of the things we did this morning in social studies was talk about things we should do in class. I heard a LOT of good conversations going on! :)

This afternoon before we left for the day, half of the kids got to do our balloon popping getting to know you game. The kids got to choose if they wanted to pop their balloon by sitting on it, stepping on it, with a pencil or by a friend. Then, I read the question that popped out of the balloon to them. Tomorrow the other half of the class will do their balloon popping.

I hope everyone was as excited about their first day of Kindergarten as I was! We have a good lookin' group of kiddos and I'm so glad each and every one of them is in my class!

Monday, August 18, 2014

Countdown to Kindergarten!

Hello Parents! Can you believe it's almost time for school to start again?? I am so excited to have all of your children in my class this year! This is our class webpage where I will post pictures of your children working hard in class and having fun, any "homework" we will have each week, a calendar with all of our special days for the school year, reminders of what is coming up soon, and links to different web pages that have some cool stuff you can do at home.

Here is a list of supplies your child will need for this school year:

2 Regular size #2 pencils
2 4 oz. Elmer’s School Glue
6 Large Elmer’s glue sticks
2 Boxes 24 count CRAYOLA BRAND crayons
1 Package of DRY ERASE markers
1 Box washable Crayola markers –CLASSIC COLORS LARGE SIZE
1 Crayola or Prang Watercolors
2 Large boxes of Kleenex
1 Pkg. Construction paper 9x12 (not bound in tablets please)
1 Pair metal (Fiskars brand) scissors (right or left, whichever one your child needs)
1 COMPLETE CHANGE OF CLOTHES in gallon zip-lock bag labeled with your 
child’s name: (There are always accidents and spills)
• Boys: shirt, pants, underwear, and socks
• Girls: dress or pants, and blouse, panties, and socks
1 Vinyl mat for nap time
1 Large Box Gallon Ziploc bags
1 Large Box Quart Ziploc bags
1 Plastic School box
1 Large Box Baby wipes (Please leave them sealed so they won’t dry out.)
1 Container of Clorox Disinfecting wipes
1 24 oz. (or smaller) PLAIN water bottle
2 large pink erasers
1 (1 inch) 3 ring binder for journals

I can't wait to meet all of you and hope to see you at Meet the Teacher Wednesday, August 20!

-Ms. Molix

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Relay Recess

Last Friday we had Relay Recess all day. The kids learned ways to take care of themselves and walked for a cure for 2 and a half hours! 

The first thing we did in the morning (after painting our faces with lavender ribbons to remember all those who are fighting or have fought a battle with cancer) was learn about the importance of sun screen and taking care of our skin. The kids got to see what happen to a hot dog that did not have sun screen on it and a hot dog that did have sun screen on it and the effects of heat on the hot dogs.

When we got back into the classroom, we made cancer ribbon cupcakes with M&Ms.