Friday, February 26, 2016

President Week!

Monday was President's day, so we spent the whole week doing different President themed work in stations. The kids read and sorted real and silly words, put words in alphabetical order, searched for Presidential words, made George Washington tri hats, sorted letters, words and sentences, colored George Washington, graphed pictures that had to do with Washington, sorted pennies and quarters on Washington and Lincoln hats, ordered events about President Obama and made Obama's with writing papers inside.

Thursday, February 25, 2016

Lovin' Math!

In math this week, the kids did different Valentine themed math stations. They graphed conversation hearts, did a hidden color by number picture and added numbers together to make 10.

Reading and Writing for Valentine's Day!

Since our Valentine Parties were at the end of the week, we did Valentine themed stations all week in class! In Reading and Writing, the kids sorting words in to silly and real words, figured out a secret message, filled in the blank using the alphabet, practiced making alliteration sentences with their names, practiced writing sentences, practices spelling CVC words with cards and beads, did word searches and wrote the room with Valentine words.