Monday, February 1, 2016

Happy 100th Day of School!

The 100th Day of School went by SUPER FAST! It felt like we only had 100 minutes to get everything done ... and we still didn't finish! 

We started off the morning by going on a hidden picture scavenger hunt. We walked around the school and found numbers that told us what color to color them on our hundreds chart.

After we got finished with our scavenger hunt (which took a little over an hour), we read a book about the 100th Day of School and went to lunch.

After lunch we started our gumball words and stations. We started off by writing 20 words, then headed over to stations. We took a break in between each set of stations and came up with 20 new words until we got to 100!

By the end of the day, here's what our list of words looked like!

At their first station of the day, the kids matched Hershey kisses that had number stickers on the bottom to where they went on our hundreds chart.

At their second station of the day, the kids dug through sand to find 100 pennies so they could build a dollar!

At their third station, the kids rolled dice and added on those amounts until they got to 100!

At their last station, the kids colored their 100th Day crowns (which we will have to finish later in the week since only 2 kiddos got them done. We needed another hour of school today!)

At the end of the day we attempted to get through our 100 Fruit Loop necklaces. Some of the kids got pretty close!