Saturday, December 20, 2014

Christmas week!

This week was a quick one again with Santa's Village on Thursday and our class Christmas Parties on Friday. The kids did different Christmas themed stations during the week like one more and one less with Christmas symbols, writing letters to Santa, a Christmas sight word book, winter color by sight words and letters, making and changing words with vowel stars and cutting and pasting pictures on a story map of the Gingerbread Man.

Our social studies wall for this week

Gingerbread Man story map

Watching a house light show to the song Winter Wizards by Trans-Siberian Orchestra

Writing letters to Santa

Making fingerprint Christmas Tree ornaments

Making and changing words using vowel stars

Before our Christmas party, we did a little "science experiment" with peeps ... because it was awesome!

Snowman Peeps

Waiting to see it they will melt, burn or explode!

They're expanding!



And, the Muleshoe Mule came in to see the kids!

Happy Holidays from our class!

Christmas Party!

Friday, we had our classroom Christmas Party! Right after breakfast that morning we had our gift exchange. The kids drew numbers and went one at a time to pick a gift from either the boy pile or the girl pile.

After the kids opened their presents, they wrote thank you notes to the person their gift came from.

Just before our party started we got a special treat! One of my students from 2 years ago and her mother stopped by and her mother played some Christmas songs on her violin for us!

Then ,,, it was time for the food! Thank you to all the parents who sent and brought food to our party. It was DELICIOUS! 

After the party, the 5 kids that were still there took some silly pictures on our Christmas wall. :)