Sunday, December 14, 2014

Magnets and Kwanzaa!

In science this week, we talked about magnets! The kids did a couple of experiments with magnets to see what kinds of objects are magnetic and what kinds of objects are not. Monday, we watched our BarinPOP on magnets and did our pre-lab where we hypothesized which objects out of 5 we thought were magnetic. Tuesday, the kids got to test those objects with magnets and fill in their conclusions.

He discovered the scissors had enough iron to be a magnet for a paper clip!

Thursday while I was at UIL, the kids sorted picture into categories of magnetic or nonmagnetic.

In social studies this week, we talked about Kwanzaa. We read a couple books about Kwanzaa and watched part of a BrainPOP on winter holidays that talked about Kwanzaa.The kids made their own woven mkekas, which is a Swahili word for placemat.