Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Earth Week Math

Last week we carried the Earth Week theme across everything! The kids' stations for math were Earth Day themed just like reading and writing stations. The kids graphed different types of recycling, practiced their addition and subtraction using linking cubes (if they needed them), and the kids solved different word problems at my table.

Earth Week Reading and Writing

Since last Wednesday was Earth Day, we spent the whole week doing Earth Day stations ... we called it Earth Week! :) The kids read and illustrated a flap poem about our Earth, read and colored an Earth book, wrote about how they could help keep our Earth clean, made Earth Day hats, made words using the letters in Earth Day, played a true or false Earth Day game, fixed mistakes in sentences and sorted sentences by complete or incomplete.



Last week in science we talked about mammals. The week before, we talked about different kinds of animals and talked about their skin coverings, habitats, what they eat and compare them to one another. We started the week off by watching the mammal part of our BrainPOP on Animal Classification.

Next, we made a list of characteristics for mammals and non-mammals. Tuesday, the kids read and colored a mammal book. A different person pointed to different pages in out book as the class read.

Thursday, the kids drew pictures in their science journals showing 3 mammals and 1 non-mammal.