Thursday, April 2, 2015

Easter Math!

This week in math, the kids did different stations that had an Easter theme to them!

At their first station this week, the kids solved addition problems, then colored a picture based on the sum. They used linking cubes if they needed them. Some kids just used fingers or knew the answer right off the bat!

At their second station this wee, the kids did an add the room with different Easter symbols. They walked around the room until they found an addition card. Then, they matched the pictures to those on their paper and wrote the amount of each picture in the box underneath each picture. After writing both numbers, they added them together and wrote the sum.

At their third station this week, the kids did a 100s chart hidden picture graph. This hidden picture graph has had the most numbers that need to be colored in than any other graph we have done so far this year!

At my table this week, the kids sorted 2D and 3D shapes at the table and I assessed 3D shapes with them individually.