Monday, April 6, 2015

Easter Reading and Writing Stations

This week in reading and writing the kids made words using the letters in Happy Easter, match beginning and ending compound word parts, read Plant Life Cycle in place of our decodable this week, and if they were finished with all of the work in their not finished folder, got to make woven Easter baskets with eggs inside.

Making words using the letters in Happy Easter

Matching the beginning and ending of compound words and recording the words.

Weaving paper to make Easter baskets

Since Friday was a half day, we dyed Easter Eggs and watched Peter Cottontail! We put the dye tablets in the cups first and predicted the color we thought each one would be when I added the vinegar. Then, everyone got their own egg and either dyed it one color or drew on it and then dyed it a color.

After dying the eggs, the kids put stickers on them for decoration.

Then, it was time to eat!

They're kind of like glasses :)
Hoppy Easter! :)