Thursday, April 9, 2015

Addition and Word Problems!

This week in math, the kids did stations that focused a lot on practicing addition and subtraction.

Their first station this week was sorting and solving addition and subtraction problems. The kids looked at each problem and decided if it was addition or subtraction, then solved the problem. Or solved. then sorted ... whichever worked best!

Their second station this week was finishing up any math work in their not finished folders. If they were finished with all of their math work, they got to play with anything that was on the math shelf.

At their third station this week the kids used the number donuts and linking cubes (if they needed them) to practice adding numbers together. 

At my table this week we worked on using our fact family houses.


Our word problems this week:

Monday - Maddox was feeding 5 ducks. 3 more ducks swam up. How many ducks did Maddox feed?

Tuesday - Maelyne and Mya were sharing 6 pears on the playground. Maelyne got 3 pears. How many pears were left for Mya?

Wednesday - Savannah had 4 pieces of candy. Tristen had 5 pieces of candy. How many pieces of candy did Savannah and Tristen have?