Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Field Trip to The Science Spectrum!

A couple weeks ago, we took a field trip to the Science Spectrum! We look at things that were magnetic, watched the way different things moved, saw different kinds of fish and reptiles, played with toys and went to a pirate treasure exhibit! The kids had a blast! Our class was split into 2 groups, so I only have the pictures of my group at the moment.

Watching the fan move the sand around

watching what happens when a button is pushed to make vibrations
Seeing how rotating the fan makes the sand move in different ways

Making the legs move and spin the wheel

Listening to sound bounce off in different places

Making different colors in the light table

Watching the train

Just like NASA!

Flying their own jet!

Looking that the different kinds of shells

Climbing up the rock wall


Little paleontologists 

There were some cool fish!

Race car driver!

Don't get too dizzy!

Which ball will make it down faster?

Invisible parts in water ... the magic of science!

Making HUGE bubbles

Sand art

The music wall

Playing with pendulums

Making music on the xylophones

Seeing which hardware pieces were the most and lest magnetic

Air hockey

Looking at the alligator ... or crocodile, I don't remember which :)

searching for hidden treasure with metal detectors

Trying to hit the ships with the cannon

Making pirate coin rubbings on paper

Coloring pictures

Moving the underwater robot around

Where will the ball come out?

Using the air blowers to make the gears move faster and slower

Driving around!

Playing with the different water toys

Shopping in the grocery store

Reporting the news

Taking care of sick animals at the vet

Weighing and checking animals at the vet

Thank you to all of the parents that went! That was by far the biggest group I've had go on a field trip with us and I know the kids love it when you are able to come with us. Thank you for all that you do! :)