Thursday, April 2, 2015

Eater Party Day!

Today we had our Easter party at school! We did math stations as usual first thing in the morning, then spent the rest of the day making different things for Easter. After math, the kids colored bunny ears, then we made bunny ear headbands with them. We also painted faces with pink noses and black whiskers first thing in the morning.

Somebunny wanted to be an orc :)
After making bunny ear headbands, the kids either finished coloring eggs and weaving their paper Easter baskets that they had started earlier this week, or got started on theirs. That took us up to lunch and a birthday party that followed.

After lunch and our birthday party, we I [attempted to teach] taught the kids the bunny hop ... and we did it about 8 times. It was exhausting! But a whole lot of fun. :)

After our Easter party, we loaded buses and headed to the nursing home to hunt Easter eggs! Everyone got a pretty good amount of eggs!

On our way to the nursing home

Excited to hunt eggs!

My seat buddy and I had to take a picture, too

The day seemed to fly by, but it was fun! Thank you to all the parents who brought or sent food for our party! Have a happy Easter!

Happy Easter!