Thursday, April 23, 2015

Happy Earth Day!

Wednesday was Earth Day! And to celebrate, we spent the whole week doing Earth Day stations and making different things that had to do with Earth Day. We had more of an Earth Week rather than an Earth Day in our class. But, for Earth Day we did do some different crafts and activities and made it into a "fun day".

First thing that morning, the kids finished coloring their "The World We Live In" book that they started in reading and writing station on Monday. In their book station Monday, they had to circle the words in their book and read as much of it with a partner as they could, then color the pictures in their books. There were some pretty big words in their books that they were able to read just fine!

After they had some time to finish up coloring, we read our books as a class. I picked one person to come up and point to the words on one page at a time in our book while the rest of the class read it on the screen.

Once we finished our book, the kids made their Earth Day people to hold their writing papers about how they could help save the Earth that they wrote on Monday.

When we got back from lunch, we made Earth cookies! We used green and blue food coloring to dye sugar cookie dough. Then, I gave each of the kids a small blue ball of dough and a small green ball of dough. They used the green to make "land" on their blue "water" piece of dough.

Our cookies before we baked them
While our cookies were baking, we did an art project where we listened to What A Wonderful World by Louie Armstrong and painted a picture that showed what the song made us think of.

They looked better before I baked them

Earth Day Cookie Recipe
Mine didn't look as good as hers!

Happy Earth Day!