Thursday, May 28, 2015


Thank you for another AMAZING year with 18 of the sweetest kids! It's always bittersweet at the end when my "babies" leave me, but they worked so hard and came such a long way in just a short amount of time. I know we had a lot going on at our graduation party and we didn't really get to watch our slideshow, so here it is! (We watched it today in class and I don't think any of us had a dry eye ... you may need some tissues toward the end!)

Relay Week!

This year instead of having one day of Relay Recess, we had a whole week! Each day was spent learning about different ways to stay healthy and how to support those who are fighting their battle with cancer. The week before, the kids colored ribbons and small feet (and wrote names of someone they were walking for if they knew someone battling cancer) and they were hung up all around the school for our Relay Recess Week!

Monday was physical and nutritional health day. I was out of town, so I don't have pictures of it, but the kids said they had an awesome day!

Tuesday was wear tie-dye to school day in support of all cancers! We made tie-dye headbands the week before with sharpies and rubbing alcohol and the kids wore those. We also read a decodable I made about cancer and shared some people we know who are battling it or lost their battle. It has touched quite of few of us and we had an emotional day.

Wednesday was hat and sunglasses day. We talked about ways to protect yourself from the sun! The kids did different sun health stations that day and decorated their luminaria bags.

Thursday was superhero day! We were superheros in the fight against cancer! The kids spent some time earlier in the week coloring letters for their capes and making their masks to wear for superhero day. We spent Thursday making crafts that went along with the superheros on the Relay Recess webpage. We made pinwheels for health heroes and shields to shield ourselves from the sun! The kids also decorated their own superhero that we hung up in the hallway!

 Friday was 80's Day to celebrate 30 years of Relay! We went to different learning stations in the morning, had a picnic in the hallway, and spent the last part of the day walking for a cure!

These kiddos walked long and hard and didn't complain! I was so proud of them!