Sunday, May 3, 2015


This week in science we talked about birds. On Monday, we watched the bird part of our BrainPOP on classifying animals. After our BrainPOP, we make a list of characteristic birds have and some that birds do not have.

Tuesday, the kids chose either an owl, duckling or chick to decorate either with crayons and colored pencils or with feathers.

After they decorated their different birds, the kids who had owls and chicks made nests for their birds by gluing timothy hay onto a paper cut-out of a nest. While the duckling kids colored a mama duck for their ducklings to follow. Needless to say, our room was filthy ... but it was worth it! :)

Wednesday, the kids drew their favorite bird and that bird's habitat. 
His eagle had a nest on top of some rocks.

Thursday, the kids wrote 3 facts about birds, then drew an example of a bird on a paper in their science journals.

Friday, the kids drew 3 pictures of birds and one picture of an animal that was not a bird in their science journals.