Sunday, May 3, 2015

Adding and Graphing

This week in the math the kids practiced addition and subtraction, used dice to finish addition problems, graphed insects and showed one more and less with numbers.

At their first station this week, the kids rolled dice to get the second half of their addition problems. After they wrote the number for the amount they rolled on the dice, the used the frame on their paper to add that many dots and solve their problems.

At their second station this week, the kids used a paper clip and pencil to make a spinner on their paper and spun the see if they were going to solve an addition or subtraction problem. Once they landed on either addition or subtraction, they chose a problem to solve and used linking cubes or bears to help them if they needed to.

At their third station this week, the kids sorted and graphed insects! The found all of the like insects and colored the graph to show how many of each insect there were.

At my table this week, the kids used dry erase boards to write the answer to a problem I gave them. I asked them to show me a number 1 greater than a specific number or to show me a number 1 less than a specific number.