Thursday, May 28, 2015

Beach Week and Water Day!

With the craziness that is May, I'm a little late getting this up! I'll add the links to our activities later.

Since it was a week filled with Beachy fun, I decided to put everything in one post.

In math during the week, the kids used seashells to help find the missing numbers in addition and subtraction sentences, fished for numbers to add together, did hidden pictures, and solved addition problems using shark teeth the help them out!


In their reading and writing stations throughout the week, the kids wrote a SCUBA diving story, made SCUBA divers, put ocean animals in alphabetical order, made footprint lobsters, dug for sight words in our sand pool, made words with the letters in ocean animals, decoded beach sentences, put words in order to figure out what the sentence was and sorted ocean animals by syllables. Each day, we made a different beach themed snack.

Monday's beach snack was banana and apple palm trees.

Tuesday's beach snack was ocean jello with Swedish fish.

Wednesday's snack was sand dollar cookies.

Thursday's snack was hot dog octopuses with blue mac and cheese.

Friday was Water Day! And we were SOOOOO glad that it didn't rain! We waited until after music, once it had warmed up a bit, slathered on sunscreen and then headed outside for a long day in the water and sun!

Happy Beach Week/Water Day!