Sunday, December 7, 2014


Last week in social studies we talked about Hanukkah and compared it to holidays we celebrate in December. During the week, the kids made menorahs, dreidels and latkes that we ate with applesauce ... YUM!

Monday, we watched part of a BrainPOP about Winter Holidays that talked about Hanukkah. Tuesday, the kids painted and put together their menorahs.

Wednesday, we talked about dreidels and the kids colored their own. After they colored them (and some of them folded them for me to make them 3D), I glued the pieces together and the kids got their own dreidel! We listened to the Dreidel Song A LOT while we were working, too. We even made up our own lyrics! :)

Thursday was ... LATKE DAY!!! The kids knew it was coming, just not when. We looked at our different ingredients, kitchen tools and they helped me with part of our prep!

All of our ingredients and tools we used to make our latkes.
We used 3 potatoes to make our latkes

We passed the potatoes around and talked about their texture, where they come from and the different parts. I told the kids about how there was a lot of water inside, but no one believed me until ...

 I let them help me squeeze the starchy water out of the shredded potatoes! 


And of course, we had to pass it around and smell it. :)

They didn't like the smell very much

I mixed all of our ingredients in a clear bowl so they could see it, then put them in the toaster oven while they were at lunch. When we came back, everyone got their own little latke and some applesauce to eat it with. DELICIOUS!

Some of us REALLY enjoyed our latke :)

Some dipped theirs in the applesauce ... which was really good