Sunday, September 21, 2014


This week in science we looked at 2 different ways to measure objects. We looked at how to measure objects by their length and by their weight. We did science like we do math and had 4 different stations that the kids rotated to each day. Three stations were measuring objects by their length using different measurement tools and the fourth station was measuring objects by their weight using balances.

Weight station: Using balances to measure the weight of different objects and see which were heavier than others and which were lighter than others.

Seeing if the play dough rolling pin or the play dough cutter weighed more.

Comparing the weight of play dough, play dough tools and glue.

Length stations: Using clothespins, linking chains and linking cubes the measure the different lengths of objects and see which were longer or taller and which were shorter. The kids got pretty creative with the things they were measuring the length of.

Using clothespins to measure the length of the table.

Using linking cubes to measure the carpet and the lockers.

Using linking chains to measure the length of the table.

Using linking chains to measure the length of Maddox, our giraffe.

He used the linking chains to measure how the length of his leg

Seeing how many linking cubes tall the easel is

Using linking chains to see how long the lockers are