Sunday, September 28, 2014

All About Numbers!

This week in math is all about numbers! We practiced matching numbers to their amounts, writing numbers 1 - 10, tracing numbers 1 - 10 and building numbers in different ways up to 5.

One of the big concepts we have been working on for the past couple of weeks is what it means for a group of objects to be greater or fewer by a certain amount. We have been talking and working on it in whole group and practicing it in our workbooks the past couple of weeks. Next week we will work on it in small groups at my table.

Stations for this week were ...

Station 1: Matching numbers with their amounts 1 - 10. One of the stations the kid went to this week were matching numbers with their amounts on pumpkin cards. There are also number words on some of the pumpkins, but we only focused on the written number and 10 frames with dots in them.

Station 2: Number strips handwriting 1 - 10. We have been practicing tracing numbers for the past few weeks in class. We have also practiced writing numbers on dry erase boards and on the table to make sure they are being formed the right way. I copied these number strips on different colored paper and laminated them so the kids could practice writing their numbers from 1 to 10 over and over.

Station 3: Apple Building to Ten Book. At their third station this week, the kids wrote their numbers from 1 to 10, circled the correct numbers above each basket, and drew that number of apples in each tree to match each number. Station 2 gave those kids who needed a little extra practice time to trace their numbers some more before doing their apple building book.

Teacher Table: Building numbers in different ways. I found these really cool math work mats in Teacher's Pay Teachers with spinners that helped the kids see the different ways to build numbers by using trains. This week we only used the mats that went up to 5. I made enough for each child to have their own mat and spinner. We did a couple numbers together, then I let the kids spin their own number and try to build it different ways on their own (unless they needed help).

For this mat, the kids only used the spinner that goes up to 5. Later in the year we will use the other mat.