Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Our first week of math

Each week in math, the kids have 4 different tables that they rotate to. They stay at each table for about 10 - 15 minutes the first few weeks of school. This week our math stations are ...

Station 1: Counting, reading, writing and drawing up to 5. The kids looked at their paper and counted to school supplies, then read the number showing how many it is, wrote the number on the dotted line, and then drew how ever many objects it was asking for. And of course, you have to color the school supplies when you finish!

 Station 2: Matching numbers and objects up to 10 (if they wanted to go that high today). The kids had 2 choices this week of different matching games they could play. The first game they could play was matching numbers with school supplies.

The other game they could play was THE cutest game I found (or at least I think so) that is matching numbers and dots up to 10 using acorn tops and bottoms. I copied the acorns onto different colored paper and laminated them. The kids did AWESOME!

 Station 3: Matching objects to numbers with games. At their third station this week, the kids used two different games to match objects and numbers.

On one game, the kids used stack-able counters and flower mats to match numbers between 1 and 10. They looked at the mat and figured out what number they were going to build first. Then, they got the amount of counters they needed and stacked them on top of that flower.

The other game they could play was with a fish bowl. Each fish bowl has a different number on it. The kids put that many fish in the fish bowl, then turn to the back and practice writing that number with dry erase markers.

Station 4: My table. At my table this week, we practiced writing numbers with markers ... on the table! How cool is that!?! We did talk about NOT writing on furniture at home and only at school when I say it is ok to do so! We focused on writing numbers 1 - 5 properly and got a little ambitious and went on to 10 with some groups.


 It was a long week with a lot of fun and cool math! I mean, who doesn't like to draw on furniture every now and then. :)