Sunday, September 14, 2014

Starting our alphabet!

This past week we started a letter a day in our ELAR stations. We did letters A through E and had activities like shaving cream, painting, coloring, matching and writing to review and practice our letters.

Monday: The letter A. The stations for the letter A were practicing writing Aa's in shaving cream, letter Aa rainbow writing, making Aa's with play dough and their letter Aa book.


Tuesday: The letter B. The stations for the letter B were an alpha search where they found all the letter Bb's, making B butterflies, sorting capital and lowercase Bb's and their letter Bb book.

Each afternoon we do an afternoon message and find special letters, words and punctuations and answer our question of the day. 

Wednesday: The letter C. The stations for the letter C were a letter Cc alpha search, practicing tracing and writing the letter Cc, a letter Cc roll and write game, a spin and graph game and their letter Cc book.

During our afternoon message, the kids practiced writing the letter Cc on the board.

During each afternoon message we have started underlining words and counting the words in out sentences.


Thusrday: The letter D. The stations for the letter D were practicing tracing and writing the letters, matching Dd picture by their sounds, making a dog paper bag puppet and their letter Dd book.

Friday's letter Ee stations were a letter Ee alpha search, letter Ee book and sorting capital and lowercase letter Ee's. At my table, I worked one-on-one with different kids doing various things, so I didn't get up and take pictures like I normally do.

I'm glad I made our library area larger this year because it's the go to place to read and relax once everyone's work gets finished! And who knew our inner tube chairs would be so awesome. I might have to get a couple more! :)