Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Another Short Week!

This past week was a short one for us! We had a holiday on Monday and Kidsville on Friday. With it being such a short week and me taking grades at my table in math, I didn't get to go around to other tables as much as I would have liked. 

Thursday, the kids made watermelon W's, played our /w/ matching game, drew and wrote about things that start with the letter w, and did their Ww books. Mrs. Nix even let us snack on some of the extra watermelon she had in her room that day. Thanks Mrs. Nix! :)

Mmm ... watermelon

Look at those awesome Ww's!

In math last week, the kids completed shapes by drawing the half of the shape that was not showing; matched circles, triangles and rectangles the their correct spots; practices more or less with dice and their friends; and at my table we counted dots in ten frames up to 20 and wrote the numbers.

Finishing the other side of his shapes

We had some good music on that day that he was singing his heart out to! :)

Sorting circles, triangles and rectangles