Sunday, October 12, 2014

Our Field Trip!

Friday we took our local field trip to Leal's Tortilla Factory and the Heritage Center! Since it was starting to get cold outside, we went back to the school to eat. Our class and the class we were paired with decided they wanted to eat outside ... so we did! We went in between 2 building so the wind wouldn't get us too bad and had ourselves a little picnic! :)

Since we were in a big group and there are kids from other classes in our pictures, I am still going through some pictures and editing them. Hopefully I will be done by the middle of the week. But there are some great ones up now!

At the Tortilla Factory, we got to see how they make the tortillas! We got to walk back and see the dough being flattened and cut into circles and the whole process it goes through before we eat it. Then ... WE GOT TO EAT TORTILLAS! That seems to always be one of the favorite parts. :)

On our way to the tortilla factory!
First they talked to us about the machines to make sure we would be careful.

Feeling the dough before it gets made into a tortilla!

This machine cuts the dough before cooking it

Cooked corn tortillas coming down the conveyor belt

Eating a buttered corn tortilla


We had a blast at the Tortilla Factory!

Thanks Leal's for letting us visit!

After the tortilla factory, we left to go to the Heritage Center and see different buildings from the past and how people lived in the past.

The fit an entire family in this one room!

An old piano with a ukelin (a cross between a ukulele and violin)

In the ranch house where the cowboys would come and eat

Sitting at desks in an old school house

Kids from 4 to 18 could all be in the same schoolhouse together!

We saw some pretty cool things at the Heritage Center.

A donut cutter from the 1920s

A potato masher from the 1920s

A hand mixer form the 1920s ... I for one and glad we have electricity now

A juicer form the 1920s

An apple peeler

One of the rooms had a gavel in it! We made our connection to Sonia Sotomayor.

These were both toasters from the 1930s.


Thank you for showing us around at the Heritage Center!