Sunday, October 5, 2014

Letters N - R

This week in reading and writing we focused on the letters N - R. We also reviewed the entire alphabet like we do every day with our song and big book and our afternoon message where we find our words, letters, sentences, capitals and punctuation. They're pros at it now!

We did our TPRI testing this week, too so I was out of the room testing kids for 2 days. I tried to sneak back in when I could to get some pictures, but I didn't get as many as I would have liked to. I DID, however get some pics of the most creative alphabet activity the kids have done so far. :)

Popcorn P's

Eating popcorn as a snack after making our popcorn P's

Don't worry! It was fresh popcorn ... we didn't reuse it :)


Matching all the pictures that started with the /p/ sound

Letter q books

Making letter Q quilts

Using our magnetic drip pan to make words and match rhyming pictures

Painting rainbows for the letter R and writing the word "rainbow"

Practicing writing our letter Rr's with dry erase crayons

Look how pretty those R's look! Practice makes perfect! :)

Thursday, we read a book called the Elephant Alphabet book and the kids tried to make the letters with their bodies just like the elephants in the book did. Cutest. Activity. Ever! This is what happens when we have 30 minutes left in the day, some of us have work to finish, and we need to move around ... I make up alphabet games! :) I'll let you see if you can figure out what letters they were trying to make ... they're some creative kids!

I can't believe how flexible some of them are!