Sunday, October 26, 2014

Heating and Cooling Objects

This week in science we talked about how some objects can change when we add heat to them or cool them down. We talked about the different places heat can come from and used a crayon to see the changes heat had on it.

Monday, the kids watched a BrainPOP on heat with the substitute.

Tuesday, we put a crayon on a paper plate, then use the heat from a hair dryer to make the crayon melt.

Wednesday, we used our Kindergarten kitchen cart and I showed them what would happen if I put a crayon in the toaster oven and used the heat from that. We talked about other places heat comes from while we were waiting on our crayon.

Thursday, the kids did a page in their science journals with the substitute. They had to come up with 3 different places heat comes from, write the word, the draw the picture.

Friday, I let the kids pick 3 different colored crayons they wanted to melt into a round crayon. Their first step was to peel the paper off of their crayons.

Once they did that, we put their crayons into foil inside of our muffin tin.

The we put the crayon filled muffin tin inside of the toaster oven that had already been heating up.

After a few minutes, the crayons had melted and the colors ran together.

We looked at how the solid crayons melted into a liquid after the heat had been added to them.

Everyone got to take home some pretty cool multi-colored round crayons to color with! Isn't science AWESOME! :)