Friday, January 15, 2016

Water Use and Clarity

This past week in Science, we talked about water clarity and how we use water. We started off the week (like most in Science) by watching a BrainPOP. This week's BrainPOP was on the Water Cycle.

Tuesday, we reviewed our BrainPOP and talked about the different things that need water and what we can use water for. The kids cut out, sorted and colored pictures in their Science Journals to show what things do need water and what things do not need water.

Some of us like to be secretive! :)

Wednesday, we did a fun lab where we got to see what kind of objects would float or sink in water! Yes, the TEKS for water are clarity and use, but how could we NOT do a floating object lab!?!

Thursday's lab was all about water clarity (which was one of our vocab words for the week). We talked about why it's important to know if your water has good or bad clarity and what it could be useful for. Then, we started our lab! The kids had to draw and describe the differences between the two containers of water and which one had the better clarity.