Friday, January 8, 2016

Pennies and Addition!

This week in math our main focus was pennies! It was the first coin we talked about this month. We will do a different coin every week! To help introduce pennies ... we have a new song ... that we now have to play daily! (I'm not gonna lie, it's really catchy. I was singing it this afternoon while we were making community helpers). :)

We also reviewed addition and subtraction since we had a couple of weeks off. I got an idea after school and made this cute Pete the Cat addition and subtraction game that is sitting on our large shelf by the carpet. I used the felt game sheet from Making Learning Fun, stuck some velcro on him and to the buttons and made a couple of addition and subtraction word problems for us to fill in.

For the addition problems, we wrote how many buttons Pete started off with, then counted how many we added and then counted them all together.

For our subtraction problems, we wrote how many buttons Pete started off with, then counted how many we took away and wrote how many he had left on his shirt. 

They've been playing this game in free centers at the end of the day all week!

At my table this week, the kids review which coin a penny is, how much it is worth and showed me some different amounts. Then the REAL fun started ... they got to shop for "special treats"!

We only went up to 10 cents in our game, but they bought things like donuts, candy bars, strawberries, bananas, cookies and yogurt!

At their second station for the week, the kids practiced writing addition sentences using our snowman addition mats and buttons. 

They put buttons on each snowman, then wrote how many each one had. After they did that, they added the buttons together and wrote the sum.

At their third station of the week, the kids matched numbers to their ten longs and units.

At their last station of the week, the kids played a New Year Roll and Cover game. 

We used 2 different game boards and the kids either played by themselves or played in pairs to see who could cover the most numbers first! 

They had so much fun, we played again as a whole class at the end of the day.

She got to be my partner!