Thursday, November 13, 2014

Math and Science

Last week in science we talked about light. Monday, we watched our Light BrainPOP. On Tuesday, we cut out shapes to put over colored construction paper that we are leaving by windows. next week, we will look at our paper and see if the light from the sun made anything change on our paper!

After 2 months we checked our shape papers to see if the light had any effect and ...

the paper changed colors! We talked about how the paper that we cut into shapes was so solid that the light could not get through to the other side of the paper, so it did not change. Since the rest of the paper was not covered up, the sun faded the paper. We went to the second grade hall and showed Mrs. Van our experiment and explained it to her!

In math last week, the kids practiced making and breaking numbers, matching numbers with their amounts, writing numbers, and showing greater than and less than.