Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Reading and Writing

In reading and writing, the kids practiced matching rhyming sounds and pictures, reading their last pre-decodable with pictures, painting their Thanksgiving vests and dresses, made Indian corn, made Thankful For turkeys, matched rhyming sounds, matched rhyming pictures, wrote about what they are thankful to our veterans for and a group who was finished with everything got to play a letters sound game with me.

This is our last pre-decodable! No more pictures!

Painting pillow cases for our Thanksgiving dinner!

They needed PLENTY of room to stretch out and get messy!

Matching rhyming sounds and feathers with rhyming pictures

Writing what they are thankful for

Coloring their Thankful for turkeys

Matching the rhyming pictures

Writing about our veterans

Making Indian corn

They used yarn to make the outline of the corn

Placing yarn on the black outline

They glued dyed corn inside their outline to make it look real!

Some of us are very precise with where our corn must be placed! :)

Using the word wall to help spell words on her feathers

Finishing up work from the week

Coloring the matching rhyming pictures

One child sitting with me said the sound(s) that the letter makes while the others wrote the letter they thought it was on the baord

The one who finished first with the correct letter and the neatest and nicest handwriting won the round!