Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Fastest Weeks EVER!

This past couple of weeks went by so fast! With making ornaments and painting shirts and Read With Me and 2nd Grades Christmas Program, I'm sad to say I only got around to taking a handful of pictures from stations the past couple of weeks.

In math, we worked on reviewing time to the hour. The kids had two sets of time cards they had to record on. On one set, they had to read the time on the clock and write it in digital form. On the second set, they had to read the time in digital form and write the hands in the correct place.


 The kids' second math station this week was graphing winter sports, then writing how many of each one they graphed, which had the most and out of 2 choices, which had more and which had less.

 Their third math station this week was adding two numbers on ornaments to equal the number on the Christmas Tree. They could either use numbered ornaments or blank ornaments and count the amounts out.

In reading and writing this week we had a lot of word and reading races! With word races, each kids gets a pyramid. I have a stack of CVC word cards that I read to them and the first person who spells the word correctly gets to keep the CVC word card.
At the end of the day when we had some free time, I had a group play on the carpet. One was the reader and the rest were the word makers.

There's a smiley face in her blueberry muffin! We had to take a picture.

During snack one day this week I told the kids I gave them 7 crackers, then 2 more and asked how many they had now.One of my boys shouted out "9" and then another said "but 4 plus 5 is 9, too" to which one of the girls replied "so is 8 plus 1". Thus, a teaching moment was born! We have been working on all of the different numbers that add up to a specific number. We wrote the facts the kids said on the board then kept going until we had them all. Then, I showed them that some facts in addition are the same numbers just in a different order. After we did addition facts for 9, they wanted to keep going. We ended up doing one a day until the last day of school. Here are the ones I took a picture of the first day they did them (with 15 minutes of school left!)

The told me the fact, matching facts, which one to circle for the double and if that number was even or odd. Our class is filled with some smart cookies!