Thursday, October 8, 2015

Working With 10

Since this week was such a short week, we did whole group math all week. Monday, the kids got in pairs and practiced showing one more and one less on their 20 frames. Each group got 20 linking cubes. I gave them a number and they showed what it looked like in one 10 frame, then the other partner in the group showed what it looked like if it had one more or one less.

Tuesday, we watched a BrainPOP on making 10 and practiced showing the different ways to make 10. We used linking cubes to work the examples with Annie and Moby as they made ten with red and blue linking cubes.

Thursday, the kids got in pairs again and practiced making 10 with linking cubes. Each partner got a tower of 10 linking cubes in a different color. They had to use cubes from both towers to make the numbers I gave them, then we talked about it as a class.