Thursday, October 1, 2015


This week we worked on the letters Hh, Ii, Jj, Kk and Ll. We also practiced sorting letters, words and pictures and coming up with and finding rhyming words.

In their letter Hh stations on Monday, the kids made hippos using the letter H, did their letter Hh books, did a hidden picture letter Hh page and played their letter Hh sound and picture matching game.

For their station on Tuesday, the kids did their letter Ii book, made I iguanas, colored pictures that started with the letter i, sorted pictures into those that start with I and those that do not start with I, and sorted letters, words and sentences.

For their Wednesday stations, the kids did the letter Jj books and made J jellyfish.

Thursday, we got a special treat when second grade came to do a reader's theater for us! They did awesome! For the letter Kk, the kids did their letter Kk books, made tissue paper kites, followed coloring directions on a kangaroo coloring page, and matched rhyming pictures at my table.

Friday we did the letter Ll./ The kids made L lamps, ladybugs and did their letter Ll books. At my table they finished up work with me or played ABC Mouse on iPads if they were finished with everything.