Thursday, October 1, 2015


This past week, we talked about recycling and how to sort recycling into 3 main groups. We sorted our recycling into paper, plastic and aluminum. Thank you so much for all of the trash so we could have a bunch of different things to sort!

Monday, we watched our recycling BrainPop and talked about what it means to recycle and the different groups that we can recycle into.

Tuesday, we practiced sorting our trash into groups. The kids had a lot to choose from! Thank you, parents!

After sorting on Tuesday, we sorted pictures on Wednesday. The kid chose a pictures that was sitting upside down on the top of the lockers, showed the class what it was a picture of, then picked someone to put it in the correct spot.


Friday, we put our recycling skills to work! We split up into 3 groups and everyone got the same type of trash and the same amount. We put stickers on them to see which piece of trash belonged to which group. then, we went outside and had a recycling relay! The kids went one at a time from each group placing their trash in the trash can that it belong with. At the end, we checked each trash can to see which group got the most trash in the right recycling can.